From Melting to Money Making - The Business of Candles - Payment Plan

Everything you need to know to start your dream candle making business. Easy step by step learning, online course, to go at your own pace.

So you want to build your Home Fragrance Brand

In times where everything is very competitive, you have to get ahead of your game. You are ambitous, creative and ready for change. Now more than ever is the right time to start your new venture.

Becoming a Chandler (Candle Maker) takes time and experience but this online course will give you all the information you need to progress much faster.
Yes, you can watch videos on You Tube and join Social Media groups but you will get overwhelmed with too many conflicting reports or other peoples opinions. It is better to learn from a business already having a great sucess!

I started my business a few years ago and first sold at Artisan Fairs, I then progressed on to parties at home and wholesaled to a few independent retailers. Two years ago I decided to niche my business and I now work with couples, planners and venues within the wedding industry to provide them with signature scents and also with many businesses, providing them with white label products, alongside offering workshops and events, both in and outside of my studio in Derbyshire

Candle Manufacturing is worth over £1.9 billion in the UK alone, growing at around 10% each year. It is a competitive market with a high percentage of candle makers giving up within a few months. However, if you have a unique and original product, then the only limit is yourself.

This course has easy step by step modules, including videos and downloads.
Wether your preference is paraffin or vegtable wax, essential oils or fragrance oils, there is no sway from the course, as I believe in choosing what is right for your brand.

Course Summary

You don't have to be great to start but you have to start to be great"

Zig Ziglar

Course Curriculum

Jane Helliwell

Join the private Facebook group

This group is for helping Candle Makers in business while being creative.
You can find lots of groups to talk about the making of candles but not to help with the business.
In this group you will get help with website building, selling on Social Media/Pinterest, compliance, funding, PR, marketing, how to find and sell at events, ideal customer, how to wholesale, lot's of expert speakers give training within the group, saving £100's.

Extra Bonus when signing up to the course

A 'Talking Scents' Power Hour with me. You can choose to take this at the beginning or the end of the course and we can talk about anything, from equipment to branding, the choice is yours.
(worth £99)

What people say about my 'Talking Scents' Power Hour

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